The Top Chefs get a higher calling: airplane food. In truth, they don’t actually leave the ground. But they do get to wear hair nets. Judge Padma Lakshmi wears hers at a jaunty angle, bangs carefully styled, while judge Tom Colicchio’s bald pate is netless.

CJ Jacobsen has to pack up his one remaining testicle and go home. Anthony Bourdain, who takes a shot (one of many) at CJ on his blog for being a private chef, judges CJ’s broccolini a complete disaster. (What happened to Gail Simmons? She’s either been busy with her day job or kicked aside for catty Ted Allen and Bourdain.)

In this podcast with Jane Goldman, CJ discusses Hung’s refusal to help out the team, Casey’s growth as a chef, and who might be the next to go.

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