The most recent episode of Top Chef 3 may have been more about the “Icarus-like trajectory of chef Rocco DiSpirito” (at least according to Anthony Bourdain) than about poor little Joey Paulino. But while Joey may have declared the stretched-skin has-been a douche bag elsewhere, he takes the high road today, at least on that count. Not so for Hung, however.

Listen to all of this season’s Top Chef podcasts:
Season 3 Round Table
Hung Huynh
Dale Levitski
Casey Thompson
Brian Malarkey
Sara Mair
CJ Jacobsen
Howie Kleinberg
Tre Wilcox
Sara Nguyen
Lia Bardeen
Camille Becerra
Micah Edelstein
Sandee Birdsong
Clay Bowen

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