The perfect margarita recipe may be up for discussion, but other things aren’t.

Bottled Margarita Mix Is the Devil: Bottled mixes are full of corn syrup and artificial flavors that mask the delicate taste of the liquor. To ensure your margaritas don’t end up reminiscent of oversweetened Gatorade, take the time to squeeze fresh limes and make your own Rich Simple Syrup.

Just Say No to Mixto: We’ve already declared that mixto is for losers, and we stand by that statement. Make sure to buy 100 percent agave tequila. The result is a margarita that has better aroma, flavor, and finish.

To Blend or Not to Blend: The CHOW office may be a little divided over this one, but tequila aficionados we spoke to advise against putting your margarita and ice in a blender. Julio Ferreira, general manager at Karu&Y in Miami, says it’s the biggest mistake someone can make. Ferreira suggests serving margaritas up instead, “so the tequila doesn’t get watered down and is in its purest form.” If you still want a frozen margarita, blend everything together except the tequila, and when finished, pour the tequila on top. This technique ensures that the alcohol will not get as diluted.

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