Wildwood, Manhattan’s newest barbecue joint, is “the real deal,” declares drumwine. Its short ribs are “as good as it gets,” he says, and its brisket is moist, smoky, and less fatty than the much-praised version at at last year’s ’cue conqueror, Hill Country.

“So so good,” seconds roze, who favors the beef ribs and finds the pulled pork “pretty awesome” but prefers the bacon baked beans at another local favorite, RUB. Among the other sides, cornbread and mac ’n’ cheese are first rate, says GTopp.

Wildwood’s pitmaster honed his skills in barbecue competition and later at Hill Country and Daisy May’s, so expectations were unusually high, and thus far the newcomer has not disappointed. Its arrival, RGR observes, adds one more destination to Manhattan’s growing ’cue quarter, also home to hound hangouts Hill Country, RUB, and Blue Smoke.

Wildwood Barbeque [Gramercy]
225 Park Avenue S. (near E. 18th Street), Manhattan

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