Being creators of a food site, we’re exceptionally fond of cooking. And although we have piles of cookbooks and magazines at our disposal, we do rather like the recipes on our very own site. Here, some of the CHOW staff’s favorite recipes. (Though, of course, they’re all good.)

1. Key Lime Pie. My parents specially request this pie every time I visit after I made it for them once. Easy, with a perfect tart/sweet balance. The graham-cracker-crumb crust is honeyed and delish. —Lessley Anderson, Senior Editor

2. Beef Tenderloin with Pancetta and Hominy Polenta. The recipe that ushered me into the world of cooking meat. Before this Neal Fraser fillet, I was intimidated and unsure of how to go about making the protein that impresses everyone. Turns out you just get an expensive cut and do minimal damage to it. —Meredith Arthur, Multimedia Producer

3. Garlicky Roasted Chicken with Garlic Jus on Garlic Toast. An amazing take on standard roasted chicken, this recipe is not to be overlooked. Neither is the garlic toast that accompanies the chicken, essential for soaking up the garlicky goodness. —Kate Ramos, Kitchen Editorial Assistant

4. Fire-Charred Green Beans with Cajun Dipping Sauce. This dish is embarrassing for me, because I devour it with such single-mindedness that it can be awkward in group situations. It’s ideal as drunk-at-2-a.m. food. —Meredith Arthur, Multimedia Producer

5. Coconut Tres Leches Cake. It’s not too sweet, the way most cakes are. Rather than sugary frosting, it’s topped with whipped cream. The crunchy flakes of lightly toasted coconut contrast nicely with the whipped cream and squishy booziness of the rum-soaked cake. Squishy, creamy, flaky—and everybody loves it. —Helena Echlin, Table Manners columnist

6. Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Ginger, Cardamom, and Honey. This works well with spicy sausages, which I’ve found myself eating more and more. My partner is British, and she likes mash with almost everything. This recipe makes it a bit more interesting. —Chris Rochelle, Staff Photographer

7. Buttermilk and Brown Butter Waffles. My husband is obsessed with these, so much so that he even learned how to make them. Now they’re the only thing he cooks. They’re nutty from the brown butter, and a little tangy from the buttermilk. He loves them so much he even took cold ones in a plastic bag to eat on the plane. —Regan Burns, Food Editor

8. CHOW’s Intense Brownies. Food Editor Aïda Mollenkamp went through a gazillion tests to hit on the model brownie recipe, and this really is it. They’re extremely chocolaty, with a dense, fudgy consistency. —Regan Burns, Food Editor

9. Harissa-Marinated Tri-Tip Roast. Tri-tip is mostly consumed out west. Even if you don’t live in California, you should seek out this affordable, tender cut that loves the broiler and cooks quickly. Our kitchen editorial assistant, Kate Ramos, created a harissa-based marinade, slathered it on some tri-tip, then broiled it off. It was so good after just one test, we were elbowing each other out of the way for the last forkful. —Aïda Mollenkamp, Food Editor

10. Ersatz Papalote Salsa. Papalote Mexican Grill is a favorite San Francisco Mexican restaurant, and it’s particularly popular for its salsa. We asked for the recipe, but Papalote wouldn’t give it to us. So we reverse-engineered it. Some people tell us ours is better than the original! —Aïda Mollenkamp, Food Editor

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