A news report about a Fort Smith, Arkansas, Pizza Hut manager arrested for selling pot from his drive-through window reminded me of a recent Grinder post about pot-dealing doughnut-store employees and made me wonder: How common is it to serve a little something extra?

More than you’d think, apparently. There was a kid arrested in Canada in 2007 for selling Mary Jane at a McDonald’s. Yet another McDonald’s accidentally served a Happy Meal containing pot, a lighter, and a pipe to an eight-year-old girl. Meanwhile, an employee at a Mill Valley, California, KFC was arrested in 2002 for providing bags of pot to drive-through customers who asked for “extra biscuits,” while employees at a Mundelein, Illinois, Burger King were operating a drive-through cocaine-dispensing service until they were arrested in 2002. Apparently they kept the coke in the fridge near the milk and coffee creamers. They were finally busted for selling a kilo to undercover cops.

I worked a couple of drive-throughs in my life, and I admit to delivering cold fries and overdone burgers to jerky customers, but that is just, wow.

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