Over an Open Fire

Camping food that’s good enough to eat

Part of the fun of camping is cooking over a fire, and it’s especially fun if the food comes out especially good. We’ve developed some low-impact, high-return recipes to get you

motivated to plan your next camping trip. (Fully tested in the field, too.)

Because of the ingredients involved, these recipes are for car camping (which, though we appreciate the get-away-from-it-all-ness of backpacking, does generally lead to better-tasting food). We endorse the easy route! So break out the trashy magazines and sit yourself down with a fat bag of trail mix. Crack open a beer and listen to the birds.

A note on our menu: We developed it chronologically, assuming a 24-hour trip starting with dinner. Each meal uses leftovers from previous recipes—recipes so delicious you’ll leave no trace behind.

P.S. If backpacking is your thing, we’ve tested out some dehydrated chili.

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