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There comes a time when drinking a glass of Merlot out of a coffee mug is no longer fun. But no matter how much of a grown-up you are, you’re still going to break wineglasses. So don’t spend a lot on them. Particularly when working within a tight budget, $10 a glass is as extravagant as you should get.

Riedel Wine Series

Amazon, $39.68 for a set of four

Higher-quality stemware is light and thin and makes a bell chime when you tap it with your fingernail (versus a dull rap-rap-rap). Riedel is a favorite, and it has an affordable Wine Series line. Target offers Riedel in a variety of shapes and sizes, all under $10 a glass. Also check out the Riedel-like Connoisseur collection at Cost Plus: less than $7 a glass.

Bodum So Long

Bodum, $9.95 for two

The emergence of stemless wineglasses is good news for a budget. Depending on the shape you choose, these can double as juice glasses or even cocktail tumblers, and they’re less prone to being knocked over. The Bodum So Long series is delicate looking but dishwasher safe, and made from scratchless, durable borosilicate glass.

Ikea Svalka Glassware Series

Ikea, $4.99 for six

If you’re particularly clumsy, it’s not a bad idea to buy really cheap glasses for everyday use, like Ikea’s Svalka stemware. The series even has separate pieces for red, white, and sparkling wines. Hitting discount stores like Ross and Marshalls will also turn up good finds.

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