Cheap and Beautiful

Cheap and Beautiful

Great-looking Budget Tableware

By Michele Foley

If neither your budget nor your psyche is prepared for a total overhaul, you can still freshen up the table.

CHOW wanted a kitchen/dining room makeover. We’re not talking about major appliances or furniture—just the new look that flatware, stemware, plates, and table linens bring to a place. We gave ourselves a budget of $1,000 and found many surprisingly inexpensive, well-made, great-looking products. We put together a list that ranges from splurge ($$$) to steal ($), but when we say splurge, we don’t mean you’ll blow your entire budget. You can choose one item from each product category and still not spend more than $1,000. If you go with all “splurge” products, then you’ll only be able to get settings for four. However, if you mix and match or go all “steal,” then you’ll be able to afford pieces for eight to twelve people.

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