There’s quite a lunch crowd at Athidhi, a new Sunnyvale restaurant with good, nonvegetarian South Indian food—a rarity in these parts, says mdg.

It’s clean and friendly, says RWCFoodie, who tried the $9 buffet lunch. This included at least a dozen dishes, and hot fresh naan brought to your table. Among the standout items: goat curry, chicken korma, saag paneer, butter chicken, and tandoori chicken. “Nothing is terribly spicy but the flavors were layered and rich tasting without being cloying,” says RWCFoodie.

From the dinner menu, both the bone-in pepper chicken and vegetable biryani are delicious and well spiced, adds mdg.

Athidhi [South Bay]
727 S. Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale

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