Kale is a healthy green that can be cooked many ways, and even eaten raw. JungMann braises it with ham hocks as he does collards; Alice Letseat sautés hers with finely diced onions and garlic in olive oil, and adds red pepper flakes; lgss makes masamba, which is steamed ribbons of kale with a sauce of peanut butter and salsa, and serves it with potatoes.

Portuguese kale and potato soup, with or without chorizo, is hearty and filling. puppymomma likes this recipe with sausage; saltwater prefers a vegetarian version, using the kale stems to make broth.

sweetpotater spritzes kale leaves with olive oil, tosses them with salt and pepper, and then roasts them briefly at 425ºF, turning once, to eat them like potato chips.

Some Chowhounds are mad about salads made with raw dinosaur kale (also known as Tuscan kale and cavolo nero). karenfinan mixes two parts olive oil with one part each Bragg Liquid Aminos and nutritional yeast and pours it over raw chopped dinosaur kale. Several hounds rave over this raw Tuscan kale salad with pecorino (requires login) and this lacinato kale and ricotta salata salad.

Nettie likes this pesto made with cavolo nero.

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