Chowhounds have lots of tips for improving fresh lemonade. For example, instead of using granulated sugar to sweeten your lemonade, use a boiled Rich Simple Syrup, which will dissolve cleanly in cold liquid and keeps well, say hounds. Kagey makes hers from two parts water and one part sugar.

Additions can enhance the flavor of lemonade. Suggestions include maraschino cherry juice, grenadine, fruit purée (e.g., strawberry, raspberry, blackberry), fresh ginger, or a dash of orange blossom water. You can also try infusing herbs such as mint, rosemary, or thyme in your simple syrup or the lemonade itself. MikeG feels that using lemon zest gives lemonade a more complex flavor, so he infuses his simple syrup with zest for a day or two.

Instead of ice, punkin712 recommends using chunks of frozen fruit to cool your lemonade, which won’t dilute the drink and add their own flavor. HillJ notes that lemonade ice cubes are handy for adding to recipes and cocktails.

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