Don’t go to Memphis Minnie’s expecting the New York pastrami of your (or someone else’s) childhood. ChowFun christened it a “Sloppy Yossel,”arriving slathered in barbecue sauce, weirdly spiced, and more smoked than cured. The answer is to go for the fatty brisket. Moist, smoky, and fork-tender, it’s the best Civil Bear, a competitive brisket-cook, has ever had.

But the real sleeper meal at Memphis Minnie’s is brunch. They make pulled pork with sweet potato hash over biscuits and tangy greens, and gravy made from their own sausages. Another good option: BBQ brisket hash, spicy and smoky and primed for oozing poached eggs. The biggest surprise is their French toast, so light and crispy that it may do some time near the fryer, speculates Chowsmurf. The accompanying compote is made with whole strawberries.

Memphis Minnie’s [Haight]
576 Haight St., San Francisco

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