The Year in Food

s we gathered stories of Iraqi food poisoning, Martha’s release from prison, overfished oceans, and failed Fluffernutter legislation, a narrative emerged. The food world of 2006, turns out, was eerily like the culture at large, with outsized personalities and major screw-ups (Rachael Ray and spinach), creativity and meaningless fads (vlogging and Pop Rocks cocktails), new technology and old favorites (freezing “griddles” and steakhouses). And it was a time when more folks took responsibility for the impact their personal choices had on the planet (biodiesel and fast food). Here is our cultural crib sheet for 2006, as told through the news, opinions, and trends that moved the world of food.

Molecules, Food Porn, and Beyond

Some people eat food. Others deconstruct it, vaporize it, or download it.


Everybody was doing it. It was on all the menus. Won’t it ever go away?

Just Business

Give the people what they want: Chinese food in China, McBreakfast all day, and more steakhouses everywhere.

Ethical Eating

Is that duck/lobster/
zinfandel grape organic and raised sustainably and ethically?

Page A1 - When Food Makes News

When shit happens, it often happens to

Things That Make You Drunk

What we were sipping, and who got 86’d.

Hype, Critics, and Prime-Time Food

Who called the $40 entrée? Or Martha’s comeback? Whatever the question, the answer is Rachael Ray.

Death and Failure

Good-bye to favorite critics, chefs, and failed business experiments.

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