Tasca, a new joint in a small space on Third Street, specializes in real-deal Spanish-style tapas. They don’t have their wine license yet, so in the meantime, there’s zero corkage. And the food? While none of it is risk-taking, almost everything is well-balanced and delicious, says PoetKitty. This chef’s got talent.


Heirloom tomato gazpacho–topped with crab and avocado, it’s incredibly delish, with a refreshing citrusy twang.

Braised short ribs with butternut squash ravioli–these boneless meaty morsels dissolve in your mouth, and the ravioli is just decadent.

White asparagus gratin–with mild cheese and a drizzle of balsamic, it’s a must for white asparagus lovers.

Arancini with fontina in tomato sauce–fluffy and comforting, they’re a little taste of Sicily.

The interior is warm and cozy, lit by candles. It’s woefully understaffed, though. The average tapa costs about $11, but it takes quite a few to fill up (remember, tapas aren’t meant to be dinner!).

Tasca [Fairfax Village]
8108 Third St., Crescent Heights, Los Angeles

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