Winter 2006 Gift Guide



EDIBLES Don't send the flavored popcorn in the big tin. We have better ideas.

Texas Pecan Pie, Millican Pecan Company, $18.75 for an 8-inch pie
This is pretty close to the ideal pecan pie. The filling has just the right level of sweetness to match the fresh pecans that flood the top. It's the perfect texture too: A slice won't fall apart when you lift it, but you can pull forkfuls right off, crust and all.">Texas Pecan Pie
This is pretty close to the ideal pecan pie. The filling has...
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Masai Blu
To an already floral base of South African rooibos tea...
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Yellow Cottage Bakery Brownies
These confections are so dense...
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Buckhead Gourmet Jams
Buckhead Gourmet's line of sauces, dressings...
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Formaggio Kitchen
This site features a bewildering assortment...
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Fra' Mani Salametto Trio
After years at Bay Area restaurants Chez Panisse and...
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Working Class Hero
An ounce of Siberian sturgeon caviar, crème fraîche...
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Sourcream Coffeecake
Just as good as Mom's. Moist—thanks to...
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Barcelona Exotic Candy Bar
This is not only an up-to-the-minute candy...
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Kakawa Cocoa Beans
This is candy for adults, with layers of dark...
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