You’d never know it from looking at her, but Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner’s three live-in girlfriends who star on E!’s Playboy Bunny reality show, The Girls Next Door, is all about chowing down at the Olive Garden. The Playboy website explains the extent of her obsession with the restaurant chain:

Kendra notoriously informed Italian couturier Roberto Cavalli that Olive Garden is better than his four-star stateside favorites or any trattorias back in Italy. She names on her MySpace page ‘the owner of Olive Garden’ among the ‘people she would like to meet.’

(As a side note, Kendra would also like to meet “LENNY KRAVTIZ SO I CAN STARE AT HIS ASS”—she forgot to turn off the caps lock before she created her MySpace page.)

And apparently, while binging on breadsticks at her favorite eatery, Kendra also enjoys admiring the restaurant chain’s tasty waitstaff. In fact, she thinks their waitresses are so hot that she’s spearheading a “Girls of Olive Garden” Playboy model search. Applicants must submit some sexy photos, along with “[a] recent pay stub showing proof of current employment at Olive Garden.” There’s no indication that winners will be receiving any monetary prizes, but perhaps, for some lucky waitresses, the opportunity to show the world one’s boobies is reward in itself.

But how does the Olive Garden feel about the exploitation of its waitresses—and a potential influx of trashy job applicants who are eager to snag the pay stub necessary to participate in this contest? Well, according to the New York Post, “A rep for the family-friendly chain said it won’t stop its servers from stripping, but won’t endorse it, either.”

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