It’s a tough job—as they say—but someone’s got to do it. The job in question is trying to decide the best pizza in Rome, the results of which were published in the Financial Times (registration required). Such a quest is fraught with danger, as things like pizza are not taken lightly in Italy and every local has a favorite.

[I]n anticipation of my plans to spend a weekend in Rome, I asked my tennis partner, Marco, where I could hunt down the best pizza.

I might as well have insulted his mother. With an indignant scowl, he shot back: ‘The best pizza in Rome is 180km south, in Naples.’

The article comes up with a list of the best pizzas in Rome, sure to be controversial. Even more significant is the fact that the author’s name is not listed on the page. Do you think that’s for his or her own safety? No one wants to be tracked down by a pizza-loving mob whose members feel they’ve been wronged.

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