Sebestiano’s, a modest takeout pizzeria in Astoria, knocks out “a darn good pie,” swears edhopper. It’s a notch below neighborhood favorite Sac’s, he adds, but really tasty nonetheless.

He likes Sebestiano’s slices, too, but prefers the nine-inch personal pie, sold for as little as $7.50 and “big enough for a lunch for two. And since it’s made fresh it’s better than just a couple of slices.” Carnivores take note: The meat-lovers pizza—sausage, meatball, pepperoni—comes in the personal size for $9.50. ed rates it “mmmmmmm!”

ozzie34 puts in a word for the Sicilian, which he pronounces “amazing!” “If you live in Astoria or nearby,” ozzie adds, “this should be your pizza place.”

Sebestiano’s [Astoria]
32-20 34th Avenue (between 32nd and 33rd streets), Astoria, Queens

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