For those of you waiting with bated breath, the 2008 World Beer Cup winners have been announced.

Least surprising breweries on the list of winners:
Blue Moon Brewing Company (World Beer Cup Champion Brewery and Brewmaster/Large Brewing Company, among others)
Allagash Brewing Company (Allagash Curieux, bronze in Wood- and Barrel-aged Strong Beer, among others)
Samuel Adams (Black Lager, silver in German-Style Schwarzbier, among others)

Most surprising:
Anheuser-Busch (Busch Ice, silver in American-Style Specialty Lager)
Pabst (Old Milwaukee Light[!], gold[!] in American-Style Light Lager)
Grumpy Troll Restaurant & Brewery (Amnesia, gold in Baltic-Style Porter—the Grumpy Troll is a brewpub in rural Wisconsin)

On the other side of the luxury/sex appeal coin, the Sun has run a list of the world’s cheapest pints. The number-one bargain is in Somalia, where pints can be had for as little as 10p (about 20 cents). If getting shot at by militiamen cruising around in battle-adapted SUVs doesn’t appeal to you, an equally cheap pint can be had in the Congo (which, granted, isn’t much safer) or the Pacific paradise of Tuvalu … although tickets to the latter will run you upward of $2,000.

Bottoms up!

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