We don’t guarantee these methods, but we know people who swear by them. If you’re expecting to overdo it one night, swallow a spoonful of olive oil and take some vitamin B tablets before you go out. While you’re out, drink plenty of water and eat moderately. Before bed, take a couple of aspirin, unless you’ve got a sensitive stomach. For the morning after (more difficult), we’ve got a number of suggestions:

Burnt toast The carbohydrates replace some of the lost blood sugar, and the cabon helps absorb whatever toxins are left in your stomach.
RU-21 Invented by the KGB for its spies, it’s supposed to prevent buildup of acetaldehyde, one of the nasty byproducts of metabolizing alcohol.
Pedialyte Allegedly rehydrates and replaces electrolytes.
Ginger Helps the nausea.

Try some international cures. In Russia partiers find relief with pickled vegetables and vodka; in Mexico, menudo, or tripe soup; in Quebec, poutine, a conglomeration of fries, meat gravy, and cheese curds.

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