“Horror movie or pasta sauce commercials?” asks MetaFilter succinctly about a set of stunningly bizarre spots for a Japanese cod roe pasta sauce that feature catchy songs, two cute little girls dancing with cod roe sacks on their heads, and lines of terrifying red kewpie dolls (apparently meant to symbolize the sheer amount of roe in the pasta). Whatever. Scary.

As MetaFilter also points out, the website of the company that makes Tarako is very strange too. OK, I get it, the company is called Q.P., you use a kewpie doll as your mascot, fine, but do you have to bury a kewpie face in a jar of blood-red jelly so that it stares at the consumer with pitiless dead eyes? Did you have to make commercials with strange off-kilter songs that stick in the brain and fill the mind’s eye with images of merciless armies of misshapen kewpies, advancing, always advancing?

Apparently the Tarako girls were huge in Japan around 2006. There was even a CD released with the Tarako song on it. I wasn’t able to find a copy for sale, but thankfully the music video lives on. Want to sing along? Here are the Tarako song lyrics.

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