Make Then Open the Box While You’re There

Lavish chocolates make great gifts. Here are our favorites.

Jin Patisserie Kristy Choo takes four days to make her elaborate hand-dipped chocolates. Fab flavors include Earl Grey Feuilletine, Lychee, Red Caramel Clove and Mango Basil.

Sans Souci Confections Favorite flavors are Crème Brulee, Passion Fruit Pillows and (the controversial) Almond Marzipan.

Vosges Haut Chocolat Chicago’s Vosges is famous for truffles, and deservedly so. Consider the Collection Italiano, with ingredients like Taleggio Cheese, Tuscan fennel pollen, Olive Oil and Sicilian Sea Salt.

Michael Recchiuti The San Francisco based chocolatier is known for fresh farmer’s market flavors such as lemon verbena and tarragon grapefruit, but we go for the louder offerings, like Fleur de Sel, Piedmont Hazelnut, Star Anise and Pink Peppercorn.

Temper Chocolates Temper Chocolates in chilly Boston, so maybe that’s why they do such a good job with the heat: Spicy Habanero is a winner, as are Mojito and Caramel Macchiato.

Boule Patisserie Michele Myers, owner and pastry chef of Sona, has opened a Los Angeles patisserie, offering tea-infused chocolates named Bronte, Jade, Oscura and Flora.

Pierre Marcolini The Belgian chocolate master has a new Park Avenue store in New York. His assortments combining classic and clever, but we’d rather the patchouli stayed at the perfume counter.

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