In a stellar summer for peaches, Terhune Orchards is picking some of the best, hounds report. “Really sweet, lots of juice, good rich flavor,” writes wew, who’s been feeding happily at Terhune’s stall at the Union Square Greenmarket. What sets this Dutchess County farm apart from the competition is its batting average. “Several other sellers had peaches that at their best were as good,” wew observes, “but also had a higher % of losers.”

He shares a few peach-hunting tips: Don’t pass over small fruit, which often come up big in flavor. Do try the white peaches, whose quality has been more consistent from vendor to vendor (“Perfumed fruit and the makings of fragrant memories,” he promises). And taste your way around the market before filling your bag. “This is an expensive way to shop,” wew allows, “but peaches are my Christmas bonus.”

Terhune Orchards [Dutchess County]
761 North Avenue (between Covey Lane and Rymph Road), Salt Point, NY

Union Square Greenmarket [Union Square]
Broadway and E. 17th Street, Manhattan

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