Say it happens—you’re somehow stuck on a deserted island. What food or cooking supplies do you bring with you? What if you could only pick 10? That’s the question these days over at the Perfect Pantry, where blogger Lydia Walshin has been sponsoring a Things We Can’t Live Without Week. She made lists of her must-have pantry staples—and must-have baking staples, for the baking obsessed out there.

Then Lydia asked readers to send their picks in, those items they never want to be without. More than 200 folks replied, with the winning items posted to the site.

The overall winner comes out as olive oil—on everyone’s list. The next four are garlic, onions, eggs, and black pepper. The big surprise is salt, which didn’t even make the top 10 (it’s down at number 21). Perhaps people are thinking they’ll be able to harness the powers of evaporation and craft their own from salt water. No lack of that on a deserted island.

As for me, I’d say that cumin, lemon, vinegar, and soy sauce would have to be on that list. I think I can live without eggs.

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