With all the food-truck operations that have set up business lately, it can be hard to keep track. soupçon recommends @sfcarts. “It’s the voice of the SF Cart project, organizer of Off the Grid, and generally retweets all of the individual carts’ announcements.”

Speaking of Off the Grid, the food-truck convention is now happening Friday nights in a twice-as-large space at the Fort Mason Center and has the option to expand further. A greater variety of bands will be playing, too. PekoePeony stopped by the event and was thrilled by the steamed buns from Chairman Bao, with fillings like red sesame chicken and lion’s head meatball with a light kimchee, baked buns with Chinese spiced duck confit and fresh mango salad, and crispy garlic tofu with miso greens. PekoePeony also dug the “spicy and delicious” chicken tikka masala burrito from Curry Up Now and the intriguing piña colada crème brûlée, with toasted pineapple, from the Creme Brulee Cart.

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Off the Grid: Getting Bigger and Better

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