Peach pie is an unbeatable summertime treat, but because peaches are so juicy, peach pie filling can be too wet and turn bottom crusts soggy. Chowhounds have various ways of avoiding soggy peach pies.

gmm has had good results using this Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe, in which the sliced peaches and sugar macerate and the juices are strained and reduced, then everything is combined and tossed with cornstarch before the pie is filled.

To make sure the bottom crust is well baked, greygarious uses a Pyrex pie plate, which she sets on a preheated baking sheet in the oven. To protect the crust from the wet filling, some hounds brush it with egg white. rcallner lines the bottom crust with crumbled cookies before adding fruit filling. “Sometimes vanilla wafers, sometimes graham crackers, whatever’s on hand that makes sense,” she says.

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