The Washington Post writes up a food-focused exhibit at the National Inventors Halls of Fame and Museum in Alexandria, Virginia. “Inventive Eats” is focused on how inventions, branding, and advertising relate to what we eat on a daily basis, including tales of the accidental inventions of a number of iconic foods, including corn flakes and Popsicles.

One of the most interesting discoveries—due to the fact that it’s difficult to imagine life before their creation—is that of chocolate-chip cookies:

“The chocolate-chip cookie entered the world in 1930 when the chocolate didn’t absorb into Ruth Wakefield’s Butter Drop Do Cookies. ‘Let’s face it: Chocolate-chip cookies are probably the greatest food invention in the history of the world,’ says John Palfoutas, president of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.”

Beer still gets my vote for that particular honor, but, sure, chocolate-chip cookies would probably break the top 20.

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