There’s a new vodka on the block, and it traces its roots to Argentina, where a Hungarian American team is producing the world’s first single-grape vodka, Primo Vodka. According to a Financial Times article, “Smoother and more fragrant than many Polish or Russian potato or grain-based counterparts, Primo Vodka made an auspicious debut, winning a silver medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in England in 2007 only half a year after its launch. It then scooped top honours – double gold – at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March.”

How does Primo, distilled from wine from Argentina’s Malbec region, measure up? A report by Joel Chusid, who worked hard to hunt a bottle down in Buenos Aires, says, “This is not a flavored vodka, although somehow there’s the very slight suggestion of a grape aroma. It made a great vodka and tonic, even without the lime. I was sold.” Patterson’s The Tasting Panel Magazine reports, “[V]arnishy nose; thick and creamy with dry, rich fruit flavors with some earthiness.”

Primo has released 10,800 bottles in the United States and is hoping to expand its distribution by this summer. It might take a little looking to find a bottle, but I’m willing to give it a try. Malbec martini, anyone?

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