David Weiner of the Huffington Post has uncovered what may be the food-based scandal of the 2008 election cycle. Cindy McCain’s “McCain family recipes,” which now appear to have been removed from John McCain’s official website, are boosted from the Food Network.

Weiner writes:

This past Sunday, Lauren Handel, an eagle-eyed attorney from New York, was searching for a specific recipe from Giada [De Laurentiis], a chef on the Food Network. Yet whenever she Googled the different ingredients in the recipe, the oddest thing happened: not only did the Food Network’s site come up, as expected, but so did John McCain’s campaign site.

The HuffPost offers side-by-side pop-up comparisons between the “McCain” recipes and the eerily identical Giada/Rachael versions.

Commenter gomonkeygo turns the whole thing into a barbed commentary on the two candidates:

Who’s the elitist in this campaign? The black son of the white mother abandoned by his father and fortunate enough to earn scholarships to good schools and then use his innate intelligence, common sense, education and sensitivity to the problems of the underprivileged to work for and with them before becoming a Constitutional law scholar, leading politician of his generation and inspirational Presidential candidate? or….

The guy married to the rich woman who pays people to steal recipes that she can pass off as her own? (I doubt sweet Cindy actually touched a keyboard to Google any of these). Ahi tuna slaw?!!! If that’s not elitist, nothing is. I wouldn’t feed that to my cats.

Look for this scandal to not blow up and distract America’s attention from the ongoing “bitter” kerfluffle that has caused Obama so much angst over the past week.

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