Mi Ama is a brightly decorated and engaging, but often sadly empty, Colombian restaurant, says CarrieWas218.

It’s an excellent place to sample Colombian empanadas. Unlike thick, baked Argentinean empanadas, the Colombian version is pure fried-dough glory. Mi Ama’s are made with imported corn masa and stuffed with a purée of mashed potato, beef, and onion. The whole affair is given a cornmeal crust and is “rich and flavorful although I found the fine grind of the interior to mute the meat flavors, instead of emphasize them,” says CarrieWas218.

They’re served with a chunky salsa with tons of cilantro. Juices—like guanabana with milk—are filling and incredibly tasty.

Mi Ama Restaurant [South LA]
14605 Prairie Avenue, Lawndale

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