The East Village perennial Casa Adela, little discussed recently, remains on top of its game, stuartlafonda reports. A recent blowout feast, he says, was “Puerto Rican home cooking in a restaurant, at its best.”

Highlights, stuart writes, included porky, garlicky mofongo (mashed plantain); deeply flavorful sancocho (meat stew) loaded with oxtail, chicken, and vegetables; and thin, light tostones (fried plantain), which were “gone in seconds.” Chicken asado, nicely marinated, came out tasty, moist, and sheathed in crisp skin, he adds. Bistec encebollado was thin yet tender and delicious, served with great sautéed onions; and the mamey shake was “so good we passed on dessert.”

jptcu considers Adela worth a cross-town trip just for its beans—black, red, or pink, “all of them, scrumptious.”

Casa Adela [East Village]
66 Avenue C (near E. Fifth Street), Manhattan

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