The escargots explain Kaz An Nou as well as anything on the menu, douglas525 suggests. They come out plump and juicy in butter-and-curry sauce, and “what could blend French and Caribbean more?” The chef and owner, born in France and reared in Guadeloupe, also pairs rich duck confit with mango jerk sauce, and perks up his hamburger with West Indian spices.

Other reports recommend cod fritters, beet salad, and pheasant pâté in puff pastry. Expect warm island hospitality and a cool, cozy room. And save room for dessert. douglas was floored by the spicy chocolate cupcake topped with coconut cream, somehow moist and rich yet also light and airy (he confesses he was “really bamboozled by the physics”).

Kaz An Nou [Prospect Heights]
53 Sixth Avenue (between Dean and Bergen streets), Brooklyn

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Run, don’t walk, to Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights!

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