Do you know what a jellypress is? I didn’t until I checked out a blog of the same name. Apparently it’s an old kitchen tool used to strain preserves or rendered lard. I don’t expect most of us have ever seen one—let alone know what to do with it.

That’s the premise behind the Jellypress blog, written by one of my favorite food authors, Laura Schenone, and her friend Nancy Ring, who is an artist, pastry chef, and author of a food memoir as well. These two are fascinated with our culinary past, and eager to preserve and share their thoughts and finds.

The blog is just getting started, but will feature old recipes and musings on the confluence of tradition and modern life (current posts include a recipe for Italian fish stew from 1891). Readers are encouraged to contribute old recipes or photos of traditional foodways—or ask questions if they are searching for something in particular. Laura is an exhaustive culinary researcher, and both her books deal with food traditions, while Nancy illustrates the site with colorful paintings of edibles. (Laura also showed CHOW how to make pasta.)

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