Although it opened in January, Flavor Brigade’s time has come—it specializes in Philadelphia–style Italian ice (also known as water ice), which is akin to sorbet, as well as frozen custard and ice cream made with Straus Family Creamery products.

Philly native jillyju marvels, “The Italian ices of my childhood were definitely not made with real fruit. … The lemon gave me the nostalgia rush I was looking for, yet was better than what I remember. Right texture, not too sweet but not too tart, it really hit all my flavor buttons.” And the mango ice, made with fresh mango, “was just dreamy.” Strawberry ice cream is exceptional, too, with chunks of fresh berries in a supercreamy base. hummy really likes the coffee ice cream, but there’s no word yet on the frozen custard.

Flavor Brigade [East Bay]
3540 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland
No phone available

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