Minerality is a subtle characteristic in wine, commonly referring to those flavors like “wet stone, flint, or oyster shells, all with a faint metallic taste,” says maria lorraine. And contrary to what many believe, she notes, a wine doesn’t taste like this just because the soil in which the grapes were grown was rich in minerals. Rather, the mineral flavors come from the interaction between the yeast and the fruit.

To experience minerality, many Chowhounds recommend Chenin Blanc wines. “My number one varietal for minerality would be a Loire Chenin Blanc,” says Chicago Mike. He recommends wines from the Savennières AOC in particular, to experience the quintessential flinty wine.

moh recommends tasting a Chablis together with a California Chardonnay—the Chablis will be very mineral-y, the Californian wine much less so, though they are both made from Chardonnay grapes. The contrast should help new tasters recognize what is meant by mineral flavor.

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