What, exactly, is chopped liver? First of all, it’s the “nectar of the gods,” says hipchick47, who adds that it’s made with chicken livers, eggs, chicken fat, and onions seasoned with salt and pepper. Fine prefers using home-rendered chicken fat to sauté the liver and onions. You can freeze the fat you happen to cut off of chickens until you have enough, otherwise you can get jars of raw chicken fat at Chinese poultry shops and kosher butchers.

But perfectly traditional chopped liver can also be made with beef liver, notes fourunder, as he discovered when he worked for an exclusive kosher caterer.

chicgail find that calves’ livers give a much firmer texture, making it less mushy than chicken liver. She uses a little of each just to cover all bases. But the real secret is her equipment. “I am proud to have inherited my grandmother’s deep wooden bowl and her curved hand chopper for making chopped liver,” says chicgail. “I am convinced that the real key to great chopped liver lives in that bowl.”

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