In the spirit of … well, uh, sports and stuff, the Grub Report and Tomato Nation bring us the NCheeseAA: The Bracketing of Cheese.

The concept, in a tiny waxed rind:

We cobbled up a list of 64 cheeses in 4 different shopping regions: Deli, Grocery Store, Whole Foods, and Ye Olde Stanke Cheese Shoppe (a.k.a. Extreme Cheesnobbery, a.k.a. my home) … We’re sure you all have opinions as well, so here’s your chance to get out there and rock the cheese vote. We’ve already done the rankings and the match-ups; all you have to do is vote in the polls and keep an eye on the brackets to watch your favorites soar through the tourney with the grate-est of ease.”

If you want to get your first taste of the commentary, read the Whole Foods throwdown, and if you want to see the big picture, check out the awesomeness that is the cheese bracket.

Me, I’m pulling for Limburger. And that’s not just ’cause I met the last Limburger maker in North America, and he happens to be a really nice guy. It’s a robustly flavored washed-rind cheese with complexity and character that change radically with age, and … anyway, go vote.

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