Has anyone else noticed that Martha Stewart has been gettin’ wild (or at least a little kookier than usual) on her daytime talk show? Granted, I don’t watch it regularly, but the last time I tuned in, she was talking about her “new BFF” Snoop Dogg, whom she met in the green room at the Late Show with David Letterman. And after she pulled out her cell phone to read some cryptic text messages from Snoop himself, she issued an invitation for Snoop to appear on her show—and she even threw in the phrase “for shizzle.”

I thought it was odd that Martha was grooving to Carlos Santana on that bizarre new Macy’s commercial, but maybe she’s just starting to loosen up. When baking blogger Angie Dudley of Bakerella made an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show to showcase her completely adorable chocolate cupcake pops, Martha unabashedly described the batter as “turdlike”—and she said it twice! Seriously, you can watch the video clip.

Maybe she’s trying to reach a younger audience. Or maybe she’s always been a bit naughty and I just never noticed it before.

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