P Dogs is a brand-new hot dog stand with a peculiar take on the chili dog. nrique reports that Alex, the owner, has “added an extra dimension.”

It’s a quarter-pound skinless dog split and grilled fresh to order and put on a large sesame seed bun with three types of shredded cheese layered over the chili. Most importantly: That chili is fantastic. It’s shredded beef in a lightly seasoned au jus. “The chili meat is moist and flaky and doesn’t break apart the bun with its juices,” says nrique.

Mattapoisett in LA confirms the P Dog’s quality and adds: “The P-Dog came together real well and was the first chili dog I have eaten that did not have some part land on my shirt which is an accomplishment in itself.”

P Dogs [South LA]
13610 S. Garfield Avenue, 
South Gate
562-630-PDOG (7364)

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