Perusing the menu of the Chubby Chickpea, a brand-new takeout and fast food place in Canton, may not get you all hot and bothered. It’s full of the usual Mediterranean suspects: falafel, shawarma, and the like. The difference here is in the execution: “The food here was fantastic. So simple with a great flavor and price,” raves Hyperchick41. “VERY good,” nods Girl Friday approvingly.

Chubby Chickpea uses housemade bread for the large sandwiches: “The bread stole the show!” says Girl Friday. Sharwarma, falafel, and hummus are good, too. One last tip from Girl Friday: “Don’t come if you’re in a big hurry, though, because there is a tiny staff (for a tiny kitchen), and everything is made to order. When we got there, there was one other order in front of ours that was pretty big, and by the time we left, there was a line almost to the door!”

The Chubby Chickpea [South Shore]
588 Washington Street, Canton

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