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8 More of the Biggest Food Trends

We alluded to more trend coverage after our first trend post, and here it is. New York weighed in with some good evidence of new dining trends, and confirmed our suspicions about others we’d been tracking already. Hints: pickle juice, goat butter, savory granola.

Sea beans: The crunchy, salty, wild-foraged vegetable was spotted at Degustation in NYC, accenting a creamy almond soup; at SF’s Saison garnishing an amazing abalone dish; and at the Langham in Pasadena garnishing halibut cheeks.

Savory granola: Basil flavored with little bits of puffed rice to accompany a tomato dish at Eleven Madison Park; topping a beet salad at Resto, both in NYC.

Condensed-milk ice cream: On the menu at Spot Dessert Bar; served coated in crunchy chocolate cookies as a treat with your bill at WD-50, both in NYC.

Goat butter: Served with the breads at both the Langham in Pasadena and Eleven Madison Park in NYC.

Butterscotch: In classic diner pudding form at Lazy Ox in Los Angeles; in a custard at Spot Dessert Bar in NYC.

Calamansi: The sour limelike Asian citrus was whipped into a foam at Spot Dessert Bar, and squirted on top of cans of Tecate at Fatty ’Cue, both in NYC.

Pickle juice: Used at the Breslin in NYC as a sauce with oysters; at Fatty ’Cue for a drink back, also in NYC.

Tree flavor: Fir-tree-flavored gelée at SF’s Saison; pine gazpacho at NY’s WD-50.