“I don’t get the line at Chipotle when you can get food like my mom would have made had she been a Mexican mom, right across the street,” says lmnopm, referring to the family-run La Palmita Cafe, where ernie in berkeley gives the pozole high marks. “It’s an excellent rendition, stew-thick with corn kernels and sliced pork, assertively spiced with New Mexico chiles, subtly seasoned with garlic, oregano, and a hint of lime,” he says. The usual garnish of shredded cabbage and lime come on the side.

Based on ernie’s tip, ShepherdBGoode checked out La Palmita, “and let’s just say I had pozole three times over the weekend.” It’s “spicy but not thermal,” and a large bowl is positively mammoth-sized. It’s currently a special but may be added to the regular menu. The chile verde, the pollo verde burritos, housemade chips and salsas, and aguas frescas are also good, notes ernie.

La Palmita Cafe [East Bay]
1335 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

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