Rose and Joe’s, an Italian bakery in the shadow of the N tracks, has some hound fans who love its breads and sweets. But bennyt says its bagels are also terrific: “They have the chewy-center-to-crust ratio down right, and the bagel has that distinctive barely detectable sweetness that characterizes a good New York bagel.”

And, bucking an often-lamented trend in New York, Rose and Joe’s makes bagels of traditional size, eschewing the rampant gigantism of otherwise decent specimens like those from nearby Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee. Harlan, though, recommends the minibagels at Brooklyn Bagel: “They’re the old ratio of crusty-to-chewy, before bagels got American-sized.”

Rose and Joe’s Italian Bakery [Astoria]
22-40 31st Street (between Ditmars Boulevard and 23rd Avenue), Astoria, Queens

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company [Astoria]
35-09 Ditmars Boulevard (between 35th and 36th streets), Astoria, Queens

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