Two years ago, we marked the passing of Rocky Aoki, founder of the famed and sprawling Benihana restaurant chain. Little did we know at that point in time that this colorful character* would leave a legacy of family and financial strife that DailyFinance quite reasonably compares to the plot of King Lear.

The site’s lengthy account includes references to allegations of insider trading, kid versus stepmom squabbling, a proxy battle, and a fight for control of a trust that, in turn, may be the key to controlling the restaurant chain. Will the children of Aoki win? Or his third wife? Or will the whole mess disintegrate and force a breakup of the company? The dramatic stakes are high, and one thing’s for certain: The whole story contains the solid bones of an entertaining screenplay.

*Olympic wrestler. Porno magazine and disco founder. First person to cross the Pacific in a hot air balloon. Backgammon champion.

Image source: Flickr member woodleywonderworks under Creative Commons

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