Fattoush may be a Middle Eastern restaurant, but it has a great corned beef hash. “Made with real corned beef, nothing that ever saw the inside of a can!” says sarafinadh. It’s hash made with “uber good chunks seasoned how you like it.”

nerdigrrl loves the version at Kate’s Kitchen’s. “Big hunks of corned beef with a variety of root vegetables. Though, sometimes the meat can be tough.” It is, reports ChowFun_derek, “an unconventional corned beef hash: HUGE chunks of meat over a medley of very caramelized and tasty root vegetables, sweet potato, carrots, turnip, parsnip.”

Brenda’s French Soul Food “does an awesome peppery corned beef hash with real sliced corned beef and chunks of grilled potatoes,” says junesix. It’s not on the permanent menu, so call ahead to find out when they’ve got it.

Chuckles the Clone sends us to a restaurant on the fourth flour of St. Regis Hotel. It’s definitely not Ame; he thinks it might be called Vitrine. They have “absolutely and unquestionably the best corned beef hash I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot. Perfectly perfect little chunks of corned beef. Potatoes. Peas. A bunch of other things too but I tried not to deconstruct it since the whole was just so astonishing.” Downside: it’s $21. And the restaurant itself is “about as welcoming as you’d expect the 4th floor of a financial district hotel to be. With all the charm, if slightly better fixtures, of an executive washroom.” And it’s only open 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., but it is spectacular hash.

Dipsea Cafe does a nice corned beef hash. It’s truly old-school, with shredded rather than diced corned beef, says neil.

Fattoush [Noe Valley]
1361 Church Street, San Francisco

Kate’s Kitchen [Haight]
471 Haight Street, San Francisco

Brenda’s French Soul Food [Tenderloin]
652 Polk Street, San Francisco

Vitrine At St Regis [Soma]
125 3rd Street, San Francisco

Dipsea Cafe [Marin County]
200 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley

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