To the shock and joy of the many, we’ve found lardo—glorious, real lardo—in Oakland. It’s at Rockridge Market Hall, and Chowhound daveena is our point woman.

“I’ve had lardo at a few restaurants … but this lardo is in a different class,” she says. “What sets it apart is the remarkable sweetness—it’s like eating bacon buttercream. I nearly fell over, delirious from the deliciousness. Then I had three more slices … Now I feel a little ill, and will probably have beans and kale for dinner to make up for today’s dietary indiscretion. Whatever, it was totally worth it. Tomorrow I may have to make lardo pizza.”

The stuff costs $18.50 a pound—but remember, fat isn’t very dense, and a little goes a long way. “So 2 oz costs a little more than $2, and gives you enough to eat a few slices plain or on toast (yesterday), pop a few slices on plain pizza dough baked on a pizza stone (today), and a few slices to top polenta with (tomorrow),” says daveena.

“Boccalone is the artisan salumi line put out by Chris Cosentino of Incanto,” explains Ruth Lafler. It can be “mind-blowingly delicious.” Rockridge also carries Boccalone pancetta piana and mortadella, “both of which are super,” says lexdevil.

In the city, DeLessio carries some Boccalone products, including mortadella, pancetta piana, and some dry salumis, says SteveG.

Rockridge Market Hall [East Bay]
5655 College Avenue, Oakland

DeLessio Market & Bakery [Haight]
302 Broderick Street, San Francisco

Board Link: Boccalone Lardo available at Rockridge Market Hall (Oakland)

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