The gibnut, or paca, is the largest rodent—12 to 25 pounds, says rworange. Despite being a giant rodent with large teeth and yellow eyes, it’s widely eaten in South America. Elizabeth II was even served some gibnut when she visited Belize, says rworange. “For some they are a delicacy, others an eating challenge, and in other regions a traditional part of the diet,” says itaunas.

“A Brazilian friend of mine was telling me last year that his mother had just feasted on paca at a family gathering,” says racer x. “She told him that she felt kind of bad eating it because paca is endangered in that part of Brazil, but still it was absolutely delicious.” Some love it, some hate it—and as to what it tastes like reports are all over the place. The most common comparison is to rabbit, says rworange. Some say sweeter, some say gamier, but it’s also compared to chicken, pork, deer, and beef. No word on what wine to pair with it.

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