It’s hard enough for an omnivorous touring band to get a healthy meal on the road, and it’s near impossible for a band of vegans. Enter Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel’s Traveling Fare. This enterprising 23-year-old chef is based in Philadelphia, and she’ll not only whip up a well-balanced vegan meal for musicians passing through town, she’ll even pack them a cooler of no-heat snacks to take on the road. According to Daily Candy, Miss Rachel works as a personal chef for nonmusicians, too: “Dinner for two costs as much as going out — only she makes three-course meals and dessert. Having pals over? She can cook for up to twelve.”

The Philadelphia Weekly recently ran a feature on Klein’s vegan cuisine:

She specializes in homestyle vegetarian comfort food, and works to update old favorites like chicken noodle soup, shepherd’s pie and ravioli. Her baked maple rosemary ‘ham,’ made from vegetable protein, could convert even the most skeptical porcine lover.

Vegan ham? We may have to taste that to believe it, but Klein does share some interesting cooking tips for adding flavor without animal products—like tossing a bag of jasmine or green tea into a pot of rice and boiling water to add flavor.

And there’s more good news for vegans who aren’t on a health kick—Frito-Lay is now producing totally vegan Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos that “let you crunch all you want without hurting cows,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. In case anyone was wondering what is unvegan about the original Doritos flavors, somebody on the Post Punk Kitchen message boards says it’s the cheese (there’s real cheese in Doritos?) and whey, a by-product of cheesemaking that is found in many snack foods.

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