“El Taco Sabroso Grill stands rightly accused of serving up some of the tastiest traditional Mexican fare that I have enjoyed outside of Mexico,” says degustateur. “Antonio and Guadalupe Zamayoa, who hail from Michoacan, have operated this little gem with love and devotion for over 7 years.”

The handmade corn tortillas are worth the trip alone, says degustateur: “Light, pillowy, yet substantial with a hearty corn masa flavor. Among the very best…”

There are excellent chilaquiles, with farm-fresh-tasting eggs, and cheese-laced, lardy refried beans. They also serve the best verde chicharrones degustateur has ever had, with more than the usual subcutaneous fat for extra flavor. There are tender chicharrones tacos and chicken tacos: pure taco bliss. Most phenomenal of all is their al pastor taco, with “such an amazing variety of textures and flavor that my taste buds were working overtime to delineate them all – lean, fatty, crunchy, soft, gristly, charred, mild, spicy, savory, sweet … whew!” says degustateur.

Chicken in mole poblano is beautiful, with a dark red mole, distinctly citrus-y and lovely. But the chicken is the best part. “This was no ordinary chick. In my guesstimation, she was free-range, freshly slaughtered, never frozen and cooked to absolute perfection,” says degustateur. “Sublime!”

El Taco Sabroso Grill [Orange County]
214 W. Santa Fe Avenue, Placentia

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